Ceiling rosettes and decorative lamps.

In our offer we have  rosettes made from MDF or plywood 8-12 mm.

Why is it worth?

- beautiful decoration and a light source on the ceiling
- rosettes can be used as a base for any other lamp
- fitted to the ceiling and hanging from it 2 cm, light is emitted from behind and from cuts
- in standard - LED lighting
- you can chose several shapes from our gallery
- rosettes do not have halogens as in plafonds
- shape can match style of your lamp
- quick installation
- you can order just rosette (without light)
- motion sensor option
- 3D ornaments
- standard color: white (you can chose any RAL color)
- if made from plywood, special paints can preserve wood structure
- minimal size 60 x 60 cm; maximal size 190 x 190 cm

Materials to download:
RAL Colors - download


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