Designing and making – ceiling lamps, wall lamps, sign boards, banners.

“From project to lighting – it's customer's way”


How we design?

- all patterns are created by us
- client gives us an idea, motif or pattern and we make from it a project according to our standards
- all the technical parts are invisible
- our technology allows to use laces
- when making a logo or trademark we need permission from the owner of logo or trademark

What do you get? Individuality!!

With us you will have a lighting matching wallpaper, motif, structure, climate of  your room, unique in whole earth!
Maybe you'd like to have a logo instead of typical lamp on the ceiling?
Quote, motto or graffiti as a wall LED panel with a motion sensor for you hallway?
Your child's name in the bed frame with light controlled via remote?
Cut-out panel or dividing wall separating your kitchen from dinning room?
Hundreds of possibilities... only with us!
You can see them in our gallery section

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Lighting effect!

“Lighting is a soul of the room” is visible in our panel's reflections. We use the best LED systems, control systems, which are adopted to every single panel. More in the offer. 


Maximal dimensions of projects?


Our panels are made from wood-like boards, which we cut and paint with the highest standards.

MDF fibreboard from 8 – 18 mm thick. Maximal size of the board is 190 x 260 cm. Indoor use only. Smooth shining surface with any color. 

Plywood (deciduous or coniferous) 9 – 15 mm thick. Maximal size of the board is 140 x 290 cm. Indoor and outdoor use. Plywood allows you to see wood structure when impregnated.


Producent paneli ażurowych i balustrad

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