Cut-out panels and dividing walls

Cut-out panels and dividing walls - production and designing.

Why is it worth?

- cut out panels and dividing wall strikingly separate each zone in your room and style and theme match the interior
- can be hung on walls, furniture or cover some places
- we can make any size
- 18 mm MDF fibreboards polished white or any RAL color paint with scratch proof surface
- for wall decorations we use 6-12 mm MDF fibreboard (depending on the size)
- quick installation
- you can chose from our offer or make your own design
- LED lights equally placed
- maximal size of one MDF element is 260 x 190 cm, pattern can be extended as in tiles
- possible outdoor use – as decoration, balcony element or else
- very good packing for shipping even the biggest elements




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